2012年6月27日 星期三


我在 Lance 部落格看到的, 分享一下.

Johnny Bench, the GREATEST catcher of all time.
And of course, first ballot of Cooperstown HOF.

 Check out Johnny Bench's pregame speech to crowd at start of video, 請看片頭
Bench HR (1:09:00); 他生涯最後一支全壘打
Bench tribute video (2:52:00) 

2012年6月21日 星期四


It's the Milton day on

It really stinks. How could Reds be swept after sweeping two series? Apparently they just did. The rubber game is f*cking ugly. WTF................

2012年6月20日 星期三

Chapman blown a save again.


他在春訓當先發跟球季初當中繼的時候,他的slider is nasty 並且是在好球帶. changeup 還不成熟,沒有什麼印象他投chageup. 但是slider跟他的fastball就可以走天下了.

但是到closer後,  他僅投快速球,剛開始有用,非常嚇人
geez, what's going on? when can he get his slider back?

今天這場一定要贏阿,不能被tribe swept.

2012年6月18日 星期一

Must C 06/17/2012


昨天Brandon Phillips在對Mets中出現的精湛守備

 就像第一段Reds Announcer Thom 講的
 Reds fan都已經習以為常了 


 I love WINNING six games winning streak is on going. And it's the second time of this season, ya!!!


2011年7月8日 星期五

Zack Cozart is up, so is Carlos Fisher

We screamed that SOMETHING-ANYTHING should be done for Cincinnati Reds.
Oh, well. Something DID happen this afternoon.

Paul Janish and Edinson Volquez are sent down, and Zack Cozart and Carlos Fisher are called up。

It's a start, which is not a bad thing. We just hope Baker know that he should put Cozart in the line up for the next 10 games.

About Carolos Fisher, we know he will be here for three days only. He is not a starter. Reds need someone to pitch for Volquez spot on Sunday. Now, the reasonable guess is that Dontrelle Willis will take the spot on Sunday. The obvious guess is Carlos Fisher will be sent down again. I am glad to see him coming back, it shows that his arm is fine after the horrific 18 inning game.

And we know we need him in the bullpen because of last night's 13 innings. I was so pissed off by Reds. How can you blow a 8-0 lead? They did. The good thing is that they got a W in the end. I was so pissed that I went to bed after top of 11th inning. Did I regret not seeing the end? No, I just glad they are 3 games out of first place instead of 5 games.

Again, things haven't changed much. Reds have played well against Brewers this year, 7-2. Hopefully, they will do the same, get 3 Ws minimum from this series.

2011年7月6日 星期三

Reds sucks

Reds球迷也大概心裡有數了,this Reds team is not that good, actually, they sucks。

但是棒球又不似美式足球。在美式足球,you play what you have。而在棒球,你有農場系統跟交易。在這個Reds還在中區競爭群中,something can be done, something needs to be done。

我想可以調度的兩個位置是SS, and one outfielder。Reds need some power hitters。不了解的球評光看數據都說Reds的打擊是國聯最好的,有最高的打點。okay, not really, that's the average。基本上,TOS, the offense sucks。

我現在對Stubbs已經有點厭倦了。His strikeout number is never going to have significant improve. It is what it is。Or do something in the LF, I have never been a big fan of Gomes。Even his hitting is much better now。I still think Reds should give Heisey a chance。

另外關於Volquez,我有不同的看法。他Tommy John後復出還不到一年。Reds have to live with and see what he can do after one year。He might be a force,or a bust. It is just too early to tell。

Anyway, Walt, make some deals, call up some farm players. Do something before it is too late。

2011年6月25日 星期六

Chapman activated | Cincinnati Reds

Chapman activated | Cincinnati Reds

okay, 昨天Fay的預言跟Baker週三的專訪都沒說準。
Zack Cozart截自目前為止還蹲在農場。
Sam LeCure還在復健。之前漏看了週三的Transaction,Travis Woods opted to AAA, and LeCure已經回來了。第五局(6/24)成功了幫Volquez解危。話說回來,Volquez又再度令人失望......
倒是"Cuban Missile" Chapman回到了25 men roster。


2011年6月24日 星期五

Guessing you could see Cozart | Cincinnati Reds

Guessing you could see Cozart | Cincinnati Reds

Interesting post by JFay today.

我們皆知Reds的游擊手的數字難看的要死,打擊打不出來,守備失誤又多的離譜 (Renteria 8 in 33 games, Janish 6 in 55 games)。我對守備的表現尤其失望,特別是在Janish表現,雖然美技還在,但是犯下的失誤也是很鳥,譬如週一晚上Yankees game的失誤。

Fay預測是Renteria被下放。然後目前農場打擊火熱的Zack Cozart會頂替。

另外一個從傷兵名單返回的則是Sam LeCure,目前不知誰下放,應該是Arredondo或是 Fisher中的一人。


2011年6月8日 星期三

I love Cubs!!!

I think every Reds fan love this team right now, for obvious reason, wink!!
but, when can Redbirds start losing some games?

Oh, well, let's go for the sweeping the Cubs tomorrow!!!

2011年5月26日 星期四


Mo Egger - Cincinnati's ESPN 1530
可以參考一下his takes on the game last night/this morning。

我現在是精神跟身體都很勞累。I got suck into watching the game last night,然後進入extra innings。一付沒完沒了的樣子。想要早點上床睡覺,但是已經投資那麼多時間看一場比賽,又是對上費城人,若是對上海盜或是太空人,我可能早早就睡了,也不管延長賽的結果了。

我知道很多人都很氣Baker為何保存兩位中繼投手不用。but somehow, I am fine with that。總結來說,昨晚的比賽僅是162場比賽中的一場,只要Reds players are mentally strong enough,不會怎樣的。而接下來的Braves序列戰又是一場硬戰。講實在的,Reds的offense最近爛的要死。必須要靠投手群在那邊穩住場面。保留兩位中繼投手, it's not a bad idea。

僅是辛苦了Carlos Fisher。幫球隊挺了一場比賽,投了5 2/3局。拿了個L,很有可能今天就被送去農場,這真的是很慘忍,這就是身為非關鍵球員的悲哀阿。

昨天的頭號戰犯,對我而言,絕對不是Baker or Cordero。而是Brandon Phillips。他在11局跟Rollins聊天喇賽分神,被牽制出局。造成了一場幾乎是無止盡的比賽。Man, 希望他能學到教訓。

另外希望Carlos Fisher手臂能夠沒事。有個好的MLB職業生涯。

BTW,昨天是把Aaron Harang手臂操爆的對上Padres那場比賽的在San Diego打到18局,Reds輸掉比賽的三週年紀念日,真是個巧合阿。